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       Our advertising agency has a complete range of specialisations-from the planning of advertisements to their creations, media selection & distribution, supervision of production of advertising materials, & of course, general management & administration & accounts & billing , & so on.

Our advertising agency is a service organization , providing comprehensive & specialised advertising service to look after these aspects of marketing communication activities.

Advertising is a Life of Trade. It may be Described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. As concern to me it is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless .

Our advertising industry is one of the most basic forms of communication and, allegedly, of information. Yet,obviously, much of this ostensible information is not purveyed to inform but to manipulate and to achieve a result- to make somebody think he needs something that very possibly he doesn’t need, or to make him think better than another version when the grounds for such a belief really doesn’t exist.

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D. R .Gupta


Dear Friend,
       As from my point of view"Advertising does not offer a career to those who are looking for fun &glamour". It is not just playing with words or pretty pictures,the world of lovely models. A career in advertising demands long hours of work,high energy,imagination&ambition. Gone are the days when smart appearance, a convent education & the gift of the gab were enough to find an entry into advertising.

Now ,if you are interested & believe that you can fit the bill in terms of education, talent,creativity,drive,ambition& a love for hard work & motivating people,read on, & get to know more about the options open to you in advertising

The success of advertiser depends on marketing a quality product or service that commands repeat & expanding sales, to secure maximum profits.

The success of advertising agency depends on its ability to enable the advertiser to achieve its marketing & advertising objective.

Gaurav Bansal